Eusebio Leal

Cubans continue paying homage to the historian Eusebio Leal

Havana, August 2, 2020.- Cubans residing in Havana are currently paying homage to the historian of Havana, Eusebio Leal, whose death shocked Cubans and Ibero American personalities.

Since the news of Leal's death was heard, on July 31, Cuba has continued receiving messages of condolences from many countries.

Governors, scholars, historians, artists, intellectuals, leaders of dissimilar guilds regretted the physical loss of the PhD. in Historical Sciences and MSc. in Archaeological Sciences, awarded with honors in various nations.

'We belonged to a rare species, the same as Cintio Vitier and Eliseo Diego: revolutionary Christians. May God receive Eusebius in his infinite love and may we be LOYAL to his example of life,' wrote the Brazilian theologian Frei Betto.

As Cubans turned to social media to highlight the legacy of the historian to the people of the capital city, which many identify as 'Leal's eternal girlfriend,' the Cuban people began hanging white sheets on the balconies to pay tribute to Leal.

The initiative was born spontaneously, since the historian was very often seen walking in Havana, investigating, reconstructing stories and sharing them with any visitor or resident of the city.

In the poet Miguel Barnet's words, Leal was a passionate man who had absolute faith in the destiny of Cuba and rescued the memory of the country and its intangible values, gave everything to the country, looked like a King Midas who went through the city turning everything into gold.

'Recently, very few Cuban intellectuals have done so much to make visible the country's history as Leal has, he stressed the importance of the nation's symbols nation, of rescuing from oblivion figures as Carlos Manuel de Cespedes or Antonio Maceo,' tweeted the president of Casa de las Americas, Abel Prieto.